English Test For The Spouse

Being a British citizen is not an easy matter. Meanwhile, to get a visa, you must provide evidence that your relationship with your partner is genuine. You must also show that your partner earns at least 18,600 pounds per year or has 62,500 pounds in savings and can provide accommodation without the help of public funds. You also have to pay an administration fee and citizenship test of 7000 pounds. The difficulty of taking the British citizenship test should be your concern. The test required is a2 english test to ensure you could speak and understand the language. It is recommended that you pay attention to details when answering questions.

Even if you are married to a British citizen, it doesn’t mean that everything is going smoothly for those of you who are citizens other than Britain. Noted since 2012, the British government has tightened immigration rules to reduce the 100,000 immigrants who enter the UK annually. For example, non-European Union citizens who are married to British citizens are required to have to obtain a husband and wife visa, and before they can apply for the citizenship or permanent resident status they need to stay in the UK for at least five years. After being officially married, you still have to take a series of tests to become a British citizen. The stage of being a British citizen is very complicated, you will be very easy to make mistakes because of the very detailed requirements.

One of the most difficult tests is “Life in The UK”, which is a general knowledge test that contains questions about history, literature, politics. Then you must practice seriously. You will, for example, find questions like, ‘What is the height of the London Eye? What was the name of King Henry VIII’s wife? Or the question like who initiated the first Indian eatery in England? Can you pass these tests without learning about everything seriously?

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